Friday, March 11, 2011

My New Monthly Shopping Addiction!

So for about four months I have been part of this website and I love it.

How this site works. First you answer a few questions about your style. Within 48 hours a team of people will select shoes, handbags, and accessories that fit your style. Want more options? You can request more and have additional choices within 24 hours. A team of stylist pick shoes just for you including Kim Kardashian, Anya Sarre, Melis Kuris, and many others. The company shoes you ways to wear the shoes and how to style them. The packaging is super cute and as many women are suckers for the packaging. Everything comes in a big box and a cute pink bag to store your shoedazzle purchases.

There is no charge until your first purchase. Everything is $39.95 flat rate. The quality is great and their customer service is amazing. Last month I got my pair in the mail and they were so cute, unfortunately there was something wrong with the shoe and a recall was issued. The SHOEDAZZLE team is amazing, they sent me an email telling me what was wrong and credited my account the next morning for a free purchase. Then they sent me a shipping label to return the shoe. When the defective shoe arrives I get the choice of a shoe credit or my original shoe back when the new shipment comes in.

The money is taken out of your account on the 5th of every month but if you want to pass you can and that month there is no charge. Only shopping is huge now and I suggest you check out this site. Let me know what you think.

FTC disclaimer: I am not sponsored or paid by anyone, all opinions are mine and photos are mine.

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