Sunday, April 10, 2011

ANTIQUE Sunday Shopping

Today I went with my boyfriend to a big Antique Fair in Sacramento, Ca.  Every second Sunday of the month they have this huge Antique Fair.  It was so much fun!  It is about two blocks large and there are treasures for everyone.  There is nothing like finding something old that you know nobody else has!  I am a sucker for purses and love all types.  Today I picked up two clutches for a steal!
Together I got both for only $20!  Some people would think that it is a lot for a old clutch but I think its a price i am willing to spend.
The first clutch is this 1980:s red butter leather clutch.  This is what first caught my eye.  The woman selling the bags was so nice and helpful/  At first she wanted ten dollars but told me she would take five.  How could I say no?
Color blocking is HUGE this spring and summer and this true red clutch is the perfect way to add this trend into my currant wardrobe.  zit is very roomy and who doesn't love 80's Fashion?
This next clutch is from the 1960's!  50 years old!  It is in perfect condition too.  The vender wanted twenty dollars but gave me both for that price.

Cannot go wrong with metalics!  This would be great dressed up or for a casual outfit.  Overall I am very satisfied with everything I got today and cannot wait for the next Antique Fair.  I want to keep finding these little treasures and adding to my collection!

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